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Welcome to St Andrew's Care Home


St Andrew's Care Home has been committed to providing high quality Residential Care. We specialise in caring for and supporting older people in Cullompton, Devon.


We understand how difficult it is when someone can no longer live in their own home. We strive to enable people to keep their own routines, lifestyles and interests. Making sure our residents enjoy their life in a way that they prefer.


At St Andrew's Care Home we treat people with dignity and respect. We ensure that people have as much control over their own lives as possible. Our work is shaped by the people we support, rather than the other way around. We support and encourage, but never impose. In particular, we work hard to safeguard people from abuse.


We believe it's extremely important to promote independence and understand that all of our residents should be treated as individuals so each member has a plan of care designed around their requirements and preferences, granting them choice in aspects of their daily routine. We also welcome regular visits from family and friends


You are welcome to drop in to St Andrew's Care Home when you wish or make an appointment to see our home manager personally. By contacting the Home Manager, you will receive professional guidance and advice on a wide range of care issues and how the services we offer will meet your requirements. For further assistance and enquiries about our services please call us on 0188 4323690 or email





Photo Gallery



Residents go out



A room designed to enjoy outdoors when the weather is bad and residents don’t want to go outdoors.





A whirlpool spa jet fitted this year to improve circulation.








The residents have requested a pet to go with the birds and the fish that is already within the home. We thought a good addition could be a cat. Her name is Bubbles and she is keeping the clients really happy and content. Bubbles is a much loved addition to the home, and is settling in lovely.